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Dental Cleanings

Dr. Deanna Davis recommends every patient focus on prevention. By seeing us every 6 months for a routine dental cleaning and examination, we are able to remove tartar, identify cavities early, and prevent infections.

Comprehensive Dental Examination

Dr. Deanna Davis conducts true comprehensive examinations for our patients. As a new patient with us we reserve 2 hours with you. Our examinations consist of digital x-rays, digital photographs, a TMJ examination, an oral cancer screening with under a fluorescent light, a sleep screening, and a teeth and periodontal examination. We then develop a personalized plan to help you achieve the best in dental health.


Bruxism (teeth grinding) affects many adults. This leads to headaches, jaw pain, tooth sensitivity, fatigue when chewing, and other symptoms. The damage that is caused by teeth grinding can lead to the need for extensive dental treatment. Dr. Davis fabricates custom night guards for our patients to assist with protecting existing dental work as well as protecting their natural teeth.

Tooth Colored Crowns and Fillings

Dr. Davis provides metal and mercury free restorations for her patients. She utilizes resin and porcelain in order to give our patient’s teeth a more nature appearance. Tooth shades are customized for our patients to give the best esthetic result.

Other Services

Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile Makeovers


Full Mouth Rehabilitation


Teeth Whitening

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