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It’s not just candy! These sneaky suspects can ruin your smile

April 29, 2024

By now, most people are well aware that sugary treats like chocolates, hard candies, caramels, cakes and pies are the leading culprits on the most-unwanted list for your teeth. But as our friendly family dentist at Smile Village Dental Care wants you to know, there are some sneaky suspects on the supermarket shelves that also wreak havoc on your oral health.

Here are a few foods and beverages that you might be surprised to find on the danger list:

  • Dried fruit like raisins, dates, figs and cranberries are snacks considered a healthy alternative to foods containing processed sugar, but they’re also sticky, clinging to your teeth and feeding cavity-causing bacteria. If you can’t brush, it’s advisable to at the very least rinse your mouth with water after eating these items.
  • Some of the most popular snacks like potato chips and crackers are made with refined carbohydrates that break down into sugars that promote the buildup of decay-causing plaque. Whole-grain alternatives are a far superior choice.
  • Coffee and tea, even if unsweetened, can stain teeth and cause dryness in the mouth. Drinking these beverages black is especially harmful.
  • Citrus fruits and juices contain lots of healthy vitamin C, but their acidity can erode the hard, protective tooth enamel over time. Moderation is recommended, as is a quick mouth rinse afterward. 
  • Just because they’re touted for peak athletic performance doesn’t mean most sports drinks are doing your teeth any favors. Many brands come packed with enamel-eroding citric acid and plenty of cavity-inducing sugar. Whenever possible it’s advisable to drink plain water or electrolyte-infused water with lower sugar content.
  • Sugar-free candies often contain acids to give them a tart flavor. Remember, those acids will eventually erode the enamel that protects your precious teeth.

Your friendly dentist at Smile Village Dental Care reminds you to brush and floss at least twice a day, for at least two minutes at a time, and to come in for regular exams and checkups. Please contact us today for any appointment.

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